Importance of history can be understood from the fact that it helps us to understand the present. It provides incredible perspective for a number of reasons. People have largely neglected the power of history. With understanding of history, you know about the basic concepts and ideas. You there can learn about cause and effect, relationships and human nature. History helps us to create co-relation with event or action.  It clarifies how things are related to each other. Ample knowledge of history let people to know about attitudes and feelings as resulting from an action.

History is not merely a summation of previous events, but instead its purpose is to show reasons for why and how these events happened and give perspective to pain, breakthroughs, war, associated with them. It tells that how explorers reached out and started sharing culture.

By making us more cognizant of how we got to this point, it teaches us how to continue to approach things in manners that work and refrain from committing a mistake repeatedly. History should help us learn lessons from our ancestors’ past mistakes. All you have to do is pick it up and read the best advice of all- the advice from experience.

When history is learned, the perspective of different countries and civilizations can be rediscovered. In most of the cases the custom and culture of a country can only be understood by first researching how they came about. As a result, it becomes much more integral for a person to know about their country’s culture, customs, and relations with other countries, as well as beliefs and attitudes about those places. This all they can only learn only after having ample knowledge in their village. The history of a country tells how it developed from phase to phase and survived despite all the odds and adversities that come about.

Knowing the history of a country tells about culture and ethnic diversity as to know its role. History helps in understanding that our position internationally, as a country, depends on the sacrifices made by our elders to make it how it is today. It helps in understanding our laws, as well as biases that develop. Without any understanding of history, no one can easily make any reference to these things.

The knowledge of a country’s history helps in a greater way as making any major decision or being a participant of any huge referendum exercise. Knowing about that country’s past and how it has reacted before could mean the difference between a victory and all out war. History of our country is an ingrained part of each of us.

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