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Any student of history knows that there is a great deal to be learned from those who have gone before. And, of course, there is much to be learned from the histories of otherĀ  countries. Many civilizations have risen and fallen in the thousands of years since humans have been interacting with each other, and it makes for compelling stories, ancient as well as modern. If you are interested in being a master of history, you can get a start with these 50 great world history blogs:

Ancient History

Learn about the earliest history we know of. Also includes great blogs on archeology that can help you learn more about how people lived anciently.

  1. Ancient Tides: This interesting blog links what happened in ancient history to what we see every day.
  2. A Very Remote Period Indeed: A look at archeology, and an emphasis on hunter-gatherer society.
  3. Monty’s World: A look at how archeology provides insight into ancient history. An interesting blog from an archeological adventurer.
  4. Mike Anderson’s Ancient History Blog: Learn more about ancient history, and how it relates to the modern world.
  5. Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: Take a look at anthropology, and see how this science can help you learn more about ancient history.
  6. Roger Pearse: Shares interesting thoughts on ancient history, with especially interesting insights on ancient manuscripts.

Classical History

Find out more about what was happening in the Classical period of history, focusing a great deal on Greece and Rome.

  1. Roman Times: If you are interested in the Roman Empire, this is a great blog to visit.
  2. Classics in Contemporary Culture: An emphasis on how we can see Classical history in action today.
  3. Ancient/Classical History: Focuses a great deal on ancient Greece and Rome. Written by a Latinist, there is a great deal about Classical Rome.
  4. Dorothy King’s PhDiva: This military history specialist looks especially at the Classical era.
  5. UNRV History – Roman Empire: An academic look at the Roman Empire.
  6. Tropaion: Looks at ancient Greek religion, and offers a modern look at incorporating some of the polytheistic beliefs into today’s life.
  7. The Stoa Consortium: Considers ways that Classicists can connect using technology, including scholarship and more.

European History (Medieval and Renaissance)

Get a taste of the history of Europe. Many people enjoy learning about the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and these blogs can offer a great deal of insight.

  1. Got Medieval: Fun blog that looks at the ways Medieval references are incorrectly used in popular media. Great critiques of how Medieval history is presented.
  2. Medieval History Geek: Insight on Medieval history from an interested amateur.
  3. Quod She: Information about Medieval history from an academic and a humanist.
  4. In the Middle: A group of history buffs keeps this blog study group on the Middle Ages going.
  5. Blogenspiel: Thoughts of a Medievalist.
  6. Renaissance Lit: Early modern literature and history.
  7. History and Women: Great look at Renaissance women who were ahead of their time.
  8. Airs, Waters, Places: An interesting look at the environment during the 17th century.
  9. Writing the Renaissance: This fiction writer uses the Renaissance as inspiration. Includes interesting observations on history.

South American and Mesoamerican History

Head down south in the Western Hemisphere. Learn more about South American and Mesoamerican culture and history.

  1. Maya New Updates: Learn more about Maya history and culture.
  2. Inca History Blog: Find out more about Inca history and culture.
  3. The Mesoamerican Society at CSULA: Interesting finds, archeology and more regarding Mesoamerican history and culture.
  4. The Daily Glyph: Looks at ancient history in the Americas.
  5. Hernan Cortes: A look at Aztec history from the viewpoint of this conquistador.

Asian History

Asia boasts a long and rich history. Enjoy a journey into Oriental worlds and cultures.

  1. SEAArch: This blog focuses on Southeast Asia archaeology news and includes interesting historical tidbits.
  2. Frog in a Well: This interesting site offers three different blogs on Asian history, focusing on Korea, China and Japan.
  3. Bridge to Bhutan: A great blog about history in Bhutan, including modern issues.
  4. Nui’s Thai History Blog: Get a feel for Thailand with help from this history blog.
  5. In Asia: A look at ancient and modern history in Asia.
  6. Gusts of Popular Feeling: Korean culture and history add context to what is happening today.
  7. Eating China: Food history and culture blog focusing on China.

Middle Eastern History

Explore the history of the Middle East. You can gain some understanding, and find out more about the history of this region.

  1. Awilum: A look at the lands of the Bible.
  2. Persia Older Than History: A look at the 9,000 years of Persian history and culture.
  3. Egyptology News: Interested in Egypt? This blog offers news about Egyptian history up through the Coptic period.
  4. Crossroads Arabia: Commentary and insight on Saudi Arabia, with a religious and historical perspective.
  5. Middle East Progress: A look at current efforts in the Middle East, in context with the region’s history.
  6. Informed Comment: A look at the Middle East from an academic perspective, including perspectives on history.
  7. Invisible History Blog: A fascinating look at history and Afghanistan.

African History

Many believe that humans first arose in Africa. Get an idea of the history of the interesting and turbulent continent where all life began.

  1. Africa is a Country: An interesting look at the history and development, as well as modern issues, affecting Africa.
  2. African Kingdoms: An interesting look at the different civilizations that have existed on the African continent.
  3. NaijaBlog: Concerns itself with culture, history and current events related to Africa.
  4. SocioLingo Africa: A look at African culture, language and history, as well as modern history.
  5. History Matters: South African history is the focus of this blog, which also includes current events.

Pacific Islands History

Journey into the exotic lands of the Pacific. Interesting island history from these blogs.

  1. The Brown Raise Movement: Learn more about Filipino culture and history.
  2. New Zealand History 1800 – 1900: Focus on New Zealand’s past.
  3. Guma’Famoksaiyan: This blog looks at the cultural history and heritage of the indigenous people of Guam.
  4. Indonesia History: Find out more about this group of islands located in the Pacific.

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