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Online Master of History programs offer advanced knowledge on historical events and provide avenues to enable historians analyze information obtained from various levels of research. They are offered in different specializations areas such as era, region and events. The program is designed for those who have restricted schedules and are unable to commit to campus-based studies as it enables them to complete it from any location using web-based technology and in-depth internet research to enhance their experience.

Just like Campus-based master of History programs, online History programs focus on the examination, analysis and research of theoretical concepts and impact of various events on the human society. It also helps students gain analytical skills for investigation and accurate reporting that will enable them have an understanding of different cultures and regions. Common online Master of History programs include Modern World, The Crusades, Visual Arts, Roman and Egyptian Cultures and much more.

An online master of History program requires two years to complete. Course hours depend with the program taken by a student though most of them have a maximum of hours of course work. With this degree the learner can get into various fields like teaching, working at a museum, researcher, writer of historical materials and as a corporate historian. It requires at least a semester of internship and may also require additional research projects or work-study components.

Many colleges offer online Master of History programs and most of them require the participation of the learner in discussion groups, review of video presentations and conferences. The learner downloads course materials and lectures which is accessible throughout and accesses libraries and databases at times that is convenient to them and uses emails and bulletin boards to submit their assignments. It offers a learning environment which is independent and whose pace can be set by the individual.

For those looking for Online Master of History programs, ensure that the online program has been accredited by the national or regional accreditation bodies as this determines the quality of the program in terms of competitiveness in the job market. Most of the online sites offer flexibility and ease of use but with varied rates. Look for sites that offer accessibility, support for the students and the faculty, assessment and evaluation capability as well as information and learning resources such as libraries.

Determine the field of specialization before venturing to look for an online program since different online universities offer different areas of specialization. Other Masters degree programs are designed for those who are working or who already have college credits while others allow students to Personalize their study plans to enable them meet their goals and fulfill their degree requirement. Thesis and non-thesis programs are also available but for those with future plans of pursuing a doctorate the thesis program is recommended.

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