Museum visits can be a lot of things: an educational opportunity, an alternative to watching TV, an up close encounter with history, or just a way to escape the house during a wet, dreary day. But whatever your reason, a museum visit should be worth the money and the trip – the average cost of museum admission is between $11 and $25 dollars, plus an extra cost for special or interactive exhibits. So what’s the best plan for making the most of a visit?

Plan Ahead

Be prepared if the day you plan on going is a free day – lots of kids and families will be taking advantage of that and will be more crowded than usual. If you’re going with kids, take advantage of this savings, but be aware of the crowds and set some ground rules up front.
Definitely try to decide when shows you’re interested in seeing are playing – like dolphin shows at an aquarium, star exhibits open at a planetarium, or new art galleries at art institutes.

Also, a wise museum goer might want to do some research on any monthly or seasonal themes that museums have going on. A Civil War theme next month and you are a Lincoln lover? Hold off on a visit until next month (or go twice!)

Consider Paying More

Seasonal exhibits or special speakers might be an extra charge, but if a museum visit is a once a year (or, even once in a lifetime, if you’re visiting that city for the first and or maybe last time), it might be worth paying up to see the show. Check reviews to make sure other visitors loved it!

Be Flexible

Going to any large venue where lots of other people are trying to do what you’re doing means compromise, waiting, and walking. While it’s a good idea to have a game plan up front, having a good attitude going in will ensure that you have the most fun, absorb the most information, and have the best experience.

Museums are fantastic sources of history, entertainment, and education. They cater to all audiences – families, couples, and individuals – and brings all kinds experiences, stories, and artifacts to life.

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