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If you have an interest in history and are thinking about pursing a degree, maybe you’re wondering what kind of job you would find afterwards. You might think that history majors only end up being history teachers, teaching junior high kids the preamble of the constitution year after year. But history degrees can offer dozens of job opportunities, and these jobs are key to the continued documentation of history, the passing down of history through storytelling, and the defense of historical truths. Some jobs that history majors can pursue are :

  • Teacher at secondary, high school, or college level
  • Documentary editor
  • Archivist
  • Record manager
  • Journalist
  • Foundation manager
  • Historian at a nonprofit association
  • Historian for a corporation
  • Museum manager
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian

Just like there are more jobs than you might have originally considered, there are also a number of degree programs in history that are specific and help students focus in on a subject, a period, and a skill set.

American History

A degree that will prepare you for a life in politics, teaching, or other careers that require excellent research and critical thinking skills, American History programs cover life in America from Colonial life through World War II through modern day life. Courses covering the Young American, Civil War, American Art, and research skills are common.

Classical History

Some universities offer classical history – the history of Rome or Greece. The study of these ancient cultures offer involves learning the languages of these old civilizations, as well as studying their myths, religions, and archaeology. Additional study in these kinds of degree programs includes studying literature and gender treatment during the ancient age. This kind of specialized and classical training can earn someone the title of “specialist” or “expert” at certain museums or exhibitions. It’s also a great undergraduate degree for someone looking to go into graduate work and become a professor, or do serious academic research in the future.

Art History

A fantastic degree for anyone looking to curate a museum or work in a gallery, this degree helps students learn to research and write about important periods about art through history, as well as how to manage a studio, exhibition, museum, or gallery. They also train students how to deal with the public, raise art awareness, catalog objects, fundraise and manage others. After studying art history, someone who goes on and decides to work as a curator can make over $42,000 a year.

Political Science

While political science might not instantly bring “history” to mind, there are definitely elements of history and politics that overlap; additionally, the history of modern day politics is important for anyone looking to go into law. Students can expect to take classes like political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. Someone who chooses to continue on in their studies and pursue a master’s degree in political studies could potentially get a job working for the federal government and earn over $107,000 dollars annually doing research on international relationships and politics.

Many more history degrees and programs are offered at colleges around the country and many can provide a stable base of knowledge to pursue any number of jobs. New classes might spark a new interest and the possibility of a new career path for students, or spur on the interest in going on to graduate school. What other degree can other so many different degrees and also help you begin to appreciate the long and valuable history of the world around you?

Top Online Masters in History and Humanities Degrees

Norwich University MA in Military History Norwich University › The MA degree in Military History from Norwich University will expose you to the methodology and historiography of the Military. Through examining the theoretical concepts and debates over the reasons of war, you will differentiate between different historical interpretations and build on your ability to synthesize diverse types of historical knowledge.
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Tiffin University Master of Humanities Tiffin University › The Master of Humanities degree from Tiffin University will allow you to study the visual art, music, literature, religion, philosophy, and cultural anthropology. The curriculum provides real-world experience and an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge.
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Southern New Hampshire University MA in History MA in American History MA in Military History MA in Public History Southern New Hampshire University › At Southern New Hampshire University you can earn an MA in History. You will study the history and present practice of your chosen field. You will explore disciplines such as religion, anthropology, historical, and cultural, archeology, women's studies, art history, peace and justice. Specializations in American History, Milityary History, and Public History are also available.
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