Average Salary With A Masters In History

For some people earning a masters degree in history sounds like an option that has no real practical use when trying to get a job. Many times, an undergraduate degree in history won’t be enough to get established within the history field, the degree is too broad frankly. However, you might be interested to learn that a masters in history can lead to quite a lucrative career if you know where to look for a job. Learning about the past can really help your future!

Average Salary by Job

The amount you’ll earn with a masters degree in history depends in part on the job you take after you graduate. It’s important to remember the vast amount of options available, namely in some of the most exciting institutions in the country. Here are a few of your options, along with the average salaries you can expect according to reports by :

  • Executive Assistant: $45,000
  • Middle School Teacher: $47,831
  • Assistant Professor: $49,382
  • Archivist: $49,495
  • High School Teacher: $50,231
  • Non-Profit Executive Director: $63,500

Salary by Experience

Other Factors that Affect Salary

Your job title and experience in the field are only two of the many factors that ultimately affect the salary you’ll earn as a graduate with a masters degree. For example, location plays a large role in this field. In Virginia, for example, you can expect an average of around $78,000 annually, whereas in Massachusetts, you can expect only about an average salary of about $50,000 annually, but you also will many times be forced to locate to areas that either are more relevant historically or contain many different historical elements. Generally though, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, a Master’s in history will open the door to enough different places to live that it won’t be a problem finding a more engaging city to live in. Other factors that play a role include:

  • The types of employer who hires you
  • The size of employer who hires you
  • Your history specialization
  • Whether you live in an urban area or a rural area
  • Whether or not you are a manager or in another leadership role

Keep in mind that some jobs come with better benefits packages as well, so even if one salary is higher than the other, it might not be the best job, financially. Overall, this is an incredibly worthwhile field to explore, it’s just important to have in mind what you would like to specialize in! Check out all of your options!


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