History is a fascinating field of study. It has many different specialties, from studying the history of music or art to becoming an expert in the history of a particular country or place. But, what careers are history majors suited for? Well, the truth is that history majors wind up in many different fields. It does seem, however, that more of them end up as teachers of some sort than any one other given area. We’ve compiled 20 videos from YouTube that depict some of the jobs held today by history majors.

  1. Jobs for History Majors: Learn from St. Francis College the many career paths taken by history majors.
  2. Jan Schlictmann: Check out this Civil Action attorney. Attorneys are often history majors in their undergraduate years.
  3. National Museum of National History: Check out the National Museum of National History. Working at a place like this assisting visitors is a great job for history majors.
  4. Gil Vega: Gil Vega, a middle school history teacher, talks about his job. Many history majors become history teachers.
  5. A Day in the Life of a History Teacher: See what the history teacher’s day is like.This one is pretty cute.
  6. Art History: Check out the work of an expert in art history. This expert discusses Diego Rivera’s paintings.
  7. Carlos Navarra: Navarra is an expert in art history. Learn what such experts do.
  8. Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum: Hear from the executive director of this historical museum. Museum Executive Director is a great job for a history major, especially if you have an advanced degree.
  9. 10 Questions for Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Tyson is the director of Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. He talks about physics and his job.
  10. The American Diner Museum: Check this place out – wouldn’t you love to be the Executive Director here?
  11. UWSP Museum of Natural History: Learn about the UWSP Museum of Natural History.
  12. Non profit Jobs: Learn about jobs in the non-profit field, one that is very popular with history majors.
  13. Executive Jobs in Non-Profit: Learn about getting an executive job in the non-profit field.
  14. History Comes Alive with the Night Watchman: This guy has a great job. He teaches people about the history of the nightwatchman job. He gets to play with all the historical toys and weapons as he teaches people about the past. His title is official historian of Bamberg.
  15. Oklahoma Football’s Official Historian: Oklahoma Football’s official stat keeper and historian speaks. What a great job if you love history and football. This guy started as a fan.
  16. The Secret UFO Files: This video was put together in part by the CIA’s official historian.
  17. Jean Seaton: What is the BBC For? This information comes from Jean Seaton, the official historian of the BBC.
  18. Chicago Tribune: Interview with David Fletcher, the proposed founder of the proposed Chicago Baseball Museum. Learn about Fletcher’s great job and about Jerome Holtzman, who was once the official historian of Major League baseball.
  19. Video of Pat Schroeder: This video pays tribute to Pat Schroeder, a former member of ths US House of Representatives. This video was part of a tribute to Robert Remini, the official historian of the house.
  20. Smithtown History: Learn about the history of Smithtown, from the town’s official historian, Brad Harris.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to use your history degree, though some of them might not seem like they relate as much to your field of study. If you really want one of the plum jobs in the history field, like being the curator or executive director at some sort of history museum, it’s important to consider your area of specialty well.

Specialties in history can be very precise, and it is often those with the most expertise in the most precise areas that get the best jobs. So, if there is an area of history that you love, specialize in that area and take your education in that area as far as you can go. There won’t be hundreds of jobs that appreciate your vast knowledge in your area, but you’ll be qualified for the very best jobs in that field.

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